Birth chart reading

Your astrology chart is a map to your soul, isn't that wonderful?! The position of the planets at your birth served as a beautiful and unique lens, a kaleidoscope, in which the brilliant light of Source shined through and manifested as who you are today. And you are quite simply...stunning! Source did not make a mistake when She made you and I am honored to be able to reflect this back to you.

We can learn so much from this map: your personality and character, talents and gifts, struggles and inner tensions, your life lessons and soul contracts.

We will explore timing through transits and gather clues to illuminate your soul's path - allowing you to see yourself more clearly and attain concrete, practical tips towards your growth journey.

1 hour  /   $150

Birth Chart Reading



Yearly Transit Reading

Yearly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   $125

For those who have already had an in-depth chart reading, during this session we will go deeper into your chart and explore what is being activated in your chart at this time. We will dive into the energies pertinent at this time and how to navigate them with grace.

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